Liars Club of America


Carpenters Local 701& 713

They're the DEVIL in disguise!


Here’s the deal. On March 29th, 2018, I noticed
a familiar group of picketers just outside the
parking lot of Costco in Sand City, California.

I call them the Grim Reaper Picketers because
they use a 10 foot tall replica of the Grim Reaper
along with 2 giant 'shame' banners. One of the
banners is complaining about a construction
company and the second banner is complaining
about Costco. The problem is that the picketers
can't tell anyone exactly why they are there.

Instead, when questioned, they hand you a flyer
that has no answers as to how, as they claim,
these 2 businesses are harming 'workers',
'families' and their 'community'.

 Here’s The Problem

 In my opinion, Carpenters Local 701 and 713 are
‘bullies’.  They misuse ‘Free Speech’. They set up
these signs to try and get a message out to the
general public to harass businesses, but, they
don’t give the complete message.


In my opinion - they are liars!
Worst of all they are bullies!

This is one of the Lying Bulling picketers.
This should explain everything.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\TONGUE OUT.jpg


These are the opinions of Jim Vossen.

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