This is an open letter
to California Governor
candidate John Cox!


June 9th, 2018

Dear John, congratulations
on your recent primary win.

I am writing this web letter
because I would like you
to become the next
Governor of California.

I am using this format to
publicly make a suggestion
or two in your campaigning
for the office of Governor.

Please try to run a positive
campaign. Please don't do,
what I'm sure Gavin Newsom
would and will do for him to win.


I truly believe that the general
voting public is sick and tired
of negative campaigns that say
everything bad about their
opponents campaign, while not
saying anything good about theirs!

I strongly believe that you should
concentrate on the ideas you have
to get California back on the right
track, rather than waist time
talking about your opponent.

Don't give the opponent reasons to
'get back at you'. Just ignore him.

Be bigger and better than him.

Take the high road.

Use President Trump's endorsement
as a positive and follow his foot steps.

California has taken a few wrong turns
during the past few years. We need to
back up a bit and read the road signs
that should get us back on the right road.

I am a 68 year old native San Franciscan
who does not want to leave my state. I am
so upset with Gavin Newsom and his
ways that I have put together 3 websites. &


For more information call:

Jim Vossen at (831) 236-5994