I was brought up that one should not call
someone 'Stupid'. I believe 'Jerky' is ok.

For many years I have met or have come across people
who, in my opinion, are either a little 'Jerky' or real 'Jerks'.

I came up with this website idea to 'expose' those people who,
in my opinion, fit into that category of being, yes, 'Jerky'.


There are good Unions and Bad Unions.
This one's a Bad Union!

Carpenters Local 701
They're the DEVIL in disguise!


Here’s the deal. On March 29th, 2018, I noticed
a familiar group of picketers just outside the
parking lot of Costco in Sand City, California.

I call them the Grim Reaper Picketers because
they use a 10 foot tall replica of the Grim Reaper
along with 2 giant 'shame' banners. One of the
banners is complaining about a construction
company and the second banner is complaining
about Costco. The problem is that the picketers
can't tell anyone exactly why they are there.

Instead, when questioned, they hand you a flyer
that has no answers as to how, as they claim,
these 2 businesses are harming 'workers',
'families' and their 'community'.

In my opinion - they are liars!
Therefore - they are Jerky People!

This is one of the Jerky / Lying picketers.
This should explain everything.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\TONGUE OUT.jpg


Gavin Newsom
Former Mayor of San Francisco

For some reason, not sure why, I have been on Gavin Newson's
email list for at least the last few years. Most of his emails are
asking for some kind of donation to either a campaign for him or for,
what he thinks, a worthy cause. Quite often he has attached some
kind of gimmick to entice one to contribute. Some of these gimmicks
are questionable, in that they may use some form a gambling. In some
of the emails they offer a 'chance' of a prize if one donates.

For sometime now he has been on this gun control campaign. Most of
his emails have been fairly tame.



There are good Unions and Bad Unions.
This one's a Bad Union!

Carpenters Local 713
They're the DEVIL in disguise!

Especially Tim at (510) 568-4788

Here’s The Deal


For the past month, or so, when driving on Del Monte Boulevard in Seaside,
 I couldn’t help notice what I would call some form of picketing in front
 of the new Seaside Tesla dealership.

About a week ago I made it a point to stop by and find out what this was all about.

 On display on the sidewalk was a sign, about ‘4’ feet by ‘8’ feet that said

 Next to the sign was some kind of 12 foot manikin that was made to look like the ‘Grim Reaper’.

There were ‘3’ people standing next to the display in safety vests. I went up to one of them
and asked “How is Tesla hurting their workers, families and the community?”

I received ‘no’ answer. Instead, I was handed a flyer.

The Flyer

The flyer did not answer any of my questions. In fact, all the flyer did was to ask people to
contact Tesla executives and tell them to require general contractors and their
sub-contractors to pay the carpenter area standard wages and benefits on all jobs all the time.

 The flyer included a drawing of a car with a Tesla logo on the front of the car.
 The drawing showed what appears to be exhaust coming out of the rear of the Tesla.
Whoever drew the car must not be very smart. Tesla cars are all electric!

When I was handed the flyer I was told that the telephone number for the people
responsible for the picketing and the flyer was on the flyer. It was not. What
was there, in very small print, was the name ‘Carpenters Local 713’.

After many attempts to contact someone at Carpenters Local 713 office who
knew anything about this picketing, I was directed to a man named Tim.

Carpenters Local 713

 After my many attempts to try and get answers to my questions and
finally talking to the man named Tim, I still didn’t get my answers.

When talking to Tim, at one point, he used a term, “it’s people like you”,
 yet, he still couldn’t answer my ‘3’ basic questions.

 Here’s The Problem

 In my opinion, Carpenters Local 713 are ‘bullies’. They misuse ‘Free Speech’.
They set up these signs to try and get a message out to the general public
to harass businesses like Tesla, but, they don’t give the complete message.

 While they are telling Tesla what they should do, are they practicing what they
are preaching? I find it hard to believe that the people that they have out there on
the picket line are in any Union, or receiving Union wages.

This is one of the Jerky / Lying picketers.
This should explain everything.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\TONGUE OUT.jpg

For more information about these 'Jerky People'
call Jim Vossen at (831) 236-5994