Civic Gadfly Jim Vossen

When you feel you're up against a wall
give the one and only Jim Vossen a call!

Sometimes, especially when you are in business,
one can find themselves the victim of certain local,
state and even federal rules and regulations that
may seem unfair or maybe don't make any sense.

Part of the problem is that 'We The People' do not
challenge or question authority enough and when we
do not do that, then those of authority assume that
what they are doing is okay.

Being in business since I was 16, in 1966, I have
come across many government agencies who will
use their powers to intimidate those who may or may
not have violated some government regulations.

I will and do question authority. Usually this comes
about when some actions by certain government
is so ridiculous that it makes anyone with common
sense scratch their head in total wonderment.

To be continued....

Jim Vossen (831) 236-5994

*Current Projects*
Clothing Alterations Sales Tax
One of my current projects has to do with the
charging of sales tax of minor clothing alterations.

Here's the head scratchier. The California Tax &
Fees Administration, (formerly the State Board of
Equalization), has been forcing small tailors to
charge sales tax on minor clothing alterations if
the clothing is 'new'. If the same clothing is not
new then sales tax need not be applied.

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Other Current Projects
Grim Reaper Picketers

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