Republicans Defined

Ever since I was a young kid I can remember
a certain fraise that said "It is better to teach one
how to fish than to just give one a fish".

I believe that this is what Republicans believe.

Now yes, I believe that before one teaches one
how to fish that person needs to know what the
fish might taste like so there is an incentive
to learn how to fish. Yes, I believe that Republicans
want to help those who need some help, but also,
are willing and want to learn and figure out how
to survive and prosper on their own.

 Yes, there are those who may have some kind of
handicap that may prevent or make it very hard to
achieve those desired goals like being able to fish.
These people may need some special extended help.

I believe that Democrats just want to give more fish.

To be continued....

Jim Vossen (831) 236-5994