While there are a lot of things I might not understand,
what I really don't understand are tailgate drivers.

How can anyone who is in a motor vehicle on a highway
driving 65-70 miles an hour position their vehicle just
about '1' car length behind the car ahead ahead of them?

How 'stupid' is that?

Doesn't this driver realize that if the person ahead of this
driver, for any reason, was to step on the brakes that there
could be a problem. The BRAIN doesn't work that fast and
apparently the driver's brain isn't working very well at all.

This is called 'TAILGATING'

The general rule is that when driving, one should stay 'back'
from the vehicle ahead at least '1' car length for every
'10' miles an hour one is traveling. When one sees the
brake lights, of the vehicle ahead, that information needs
to go to the brain and the brain needs to decide what to do.
When the brain realizes that one needs to slow down or stop
the vehicle, a message needs to be sent to the foot to complete
this action. While this action seems like it wouldn't take that
long, the truth is that when one is traveling 65-70 miles an hour
and is only '1' car length behind the vehicle ahead one is asking
for a potential problem like a terrible accident.


These are the opinions of Jim Vossen.

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