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Shame on you Dianne Feinstein!

Shame on Dianne Feinstein for her recent behavior in
regards to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the
Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Her hate for President Trump and his nomination of
Brett Kavenaugh for a Supreme Court Justice has
caused her to do one of the sneakiest and meanest
things. As I understand it, in the early part of July, 2018,
Ms. Feinstein received a letter from a Dr. Christine Blasey
Ford. Apparently the letter claimed that Ms. Ford was the
victim of some kind of sexual abuse by Brett Kavanaugh.

Instead of passing the letter on to authorities, Ms. Feinstein
sat on the letter until at least September, just after the initial
nominating hearings were about to end.

It is my very strong opinion that Ms. Feinstein waited over
'6' weeks to bring this letter forward to put a delay into the
nominating process and swearing in of Brett Kavanaigh. The
reason is clear, Ms. Feinstein is 'mean' and 'sneaky'.

More coming soon.

These are the opinions of Jim Vossen.

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